Fourth Grade Links

School Forest Photos

Lumberjack Unit(SMART format)

Lumberjack Unit(pdf format)



Agriculture Websites

Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory.  Information about agriculture:

Kids Ag Page  Illinois Department of Agriculture:


Math Websites


Writing Websites

Electricity and Magnetism

BBC Magnet Game

Electricity and Magnetism Experiments

Magnetism Experiments

Links for Research about Electricity and Magnetism

Magnet Man: Cool Experiments with Magnetism


Science Links to other sites

Electricity Websites from Brian, thanks!

Energy Quest is the award-winning energy education website of the California Energy Commission:

Activities Which Teach Electricity and Magnetism:

All About Energy - EnergyQuest:

All About Magnets:


Build Your Own Electromagnet -

Electricity and Magnetism - A series of experiments about electricity and magnetism that was designed for use in the fourth grade.

Electricity for Kids - US Department of Energy

Energy Information Administration - Kids Page

How Things Work:  Parallel and Series Circuits

Keep Your Family Safe - How to Use Electricity

Kids Corner :  Understanding How Electricity Works

National Energy Education Development - NEED

What is Electricity? - Booklet for Students to Print out (PDF Format)

Surfing the Net With Kids: Current Affairs - Electricity Crossword Puzzle

The Best Electricity sites for Kids:

The Theater of Electricity - Boston Museum of Science:

Understanding Electricity:


United States Geological Survey

Kidszone Water Cycle

Zoom School Water Cycle

The Human Body

Put the skeleton together online:  Mr. Bones


The Virtual Body


Ideas and Inventions

  1. Benjamin Franklin and His Inventions:
  2. Build-It -Yourself:
  3. How Stuff Works:
  4. Inventors by Name:
  5. Inventing a new Pencil:
  6. Invention Dimension:
  7. Inventor's Toolbox:
  8. Learn to be an Inventor:
  9. Learn What it takes to be an Inventor:
  10. Multiple Intelligences Invention Unit:
  11. National Geographic Inventions:


State Research helpers
  • Welcome to the web site. The number one link resource for states research. Thanks for visiting. Tell two friends.
  • there is a picture of grade 4 book States and Regions


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