About the Juvenile Facility

There is a secure detention and a shelter care housed in the same building called the Marathon County Juvenile Facility. The Marathon County Juvenile Facility serves over four hundred students each year.  The youth both male and female typically range in age from ten through seventeen.  Students can be placed in custody for a variety of reasons.  Students in secure detention are awaiting adjudication for delinquent activity and are felt to be a danger to the community or a flight risk.  The court may also use secure detention as a consequence for a violation of a court order.  Youth in shelter care may be in custody for protection from abuse or neglect, running away from home, being uncontrollable or minor delinquent activity.  The youth in shelter care may also be in custody awaiting placement in a foster home, group home or child caring institution.

Shelter Side Day Room in the Juvenile Facility

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