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Welcome to the Wausau School District Food Service home page. Well-nourished healthy students are ready to learn.  Eating well can make a positive difference in a student's ability to achieve in school and helps advance student learning, achievement and success.  Undernutrition during any period of childhood can negatively impact student's behaviors, school performance, and overall cognitive development.  Overnutrition, specifically in relation to obesity, can also hamper academic and social growth and development.  The meals we serve, provide students with the calories and key nutrients they need for growth and development so they can be successful in school.  Our meals comply with the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate recommendations and the new federal nutrition standards.

New Federal Nutrition Standards for School Meals

Effective September 1, 2012, Child Nutrition Programs will undergo some major changes in meal nutrition standards.  The new meal standards were designed to meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA's) 2010 and  the new MyPlate recommendation for making half your plate colorful or fruits and vegetables. These changes ensure that meals are healthy and well-balanced and provide students the nutrition they need to be successful at school and educate them to develop healthy life-long eating habits. The new standards include:


Larger portions and greater variety of fruits and vegetables.  Students are required daily to take a 1/2 c. fruit or a 1/2 c. vegetable with their lunches.


A wider variety of vegetables that include dark green, red/orange vegetables and beans/legumes.  Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals that help students achieve and maintain optimal health/nutrition.


Age-appropriate calorie limits and portion sizes for managing and maintaining body weight and growth/development.


Half of the grains (breads, pasta, rice, cereal and other breakfast foods) offered to students will be whole grain rich.


Milk offered to students will be fat-free or 1% milk (flavored milk must be fat-free).


Schools will also be required to limit the levels of saturated fat, sodium and trans fats in meals.


Water will be accessible during lunch service to ensure students stay hydrated throughout the day and to encourage daily water consumption instead of high calorie beverage consumption.



            To learn more about the new nutrition standards, click on the link below:

            Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act


District Profile

Wausau School District offers several USDA Child Nutrition Programs  that help keep our students and staff well-nourished and ready to learn.  Daily, we serve 6,100 lunches through the National School Lunch Program and 2,500 breakfast through the School Breakfast Program. In addition to that we participate in the After School Snack Program, Special 4K Milk Program and Summer Feeding Programs.   Our certified staff are members of the School Nutrition Association. They attend many self development courses throughout the school year and summer months.  Food service standards are constantly changing and being updated.  Therefore, it is pertinent that our staff are always up to date with current regulations and technology. All food service employees are required to attend Food Safety training within 6 months of employment. 

Free/Reduced Meals

Parents and guardians can apply for free/reduced meals at any time during the school year. If you already have a meal application on file and you were over the income limit or currently qualify for reduced meals and your family income has declined, please call the Food Service Office at 715-261-0805 to report the change to see if you would qualify for free or reduced meals. If you currently qualify for Food Share, W-2 Cash Benefits or FDIPR,  you automatically qualify for free meals.  If you would like a meal application mailed to your home,  please call 715-261-0805.

The School Breakfast Program is offered at all schools. Students that qualify for free or reduced lunches may have a free breakfast daily.  Students who eat School Breakfast have fewer attendance issues, can focus on learning and get the key nutrients they need for grown and development. Contact your child's school for the time and location for breakfast.

Student Meal Prices 2013-14 School Year

Elementary Lunch         $2.05                    Elementary Breakfast         $1.25

Middle School Lunch    $2.35                    Middle School Breakfast    $1.45

High School Lunch        $2.50                    High School Breakfast        $1.45

Reduced Price Lunch for all students is .40

Ala Carte Milk .40/carton

Payments can be made on-line through PayPams or are accepted at each school. Students must have a positive balance in their meal account at all times.  A phone notification system is used to notify parents and/or guardians when their child's meal balance is $8.00 or less.

September 2013 Parent Newsletter    A School Nutrition Newsletter for Parents/Guardians

School Messenger Phone Notification System:  To help manager your child's account, you will receive a call from our web based calling notification system.  You will receive a call when your child's account falls below $8.00.  Calls are sent weekly on Monday and Thursday evenings.

School Food Service Numbers

School:                                       Phone Number:

Franklin                                        715-261-0002

Grant                                            715-261-0202

Hawthorn Hills                            715-261-0049

Hewitt Texas                               715-261-0017

Thomas Jefferson                      715-261-0179

GD Jones                                    715-261-0953

John Marshall                              715-261-0066

Lincoln                                         715-261-0967

Maine                                           715-261-0252

Rib Mountain                               715-261-0226

Riverview                                     715-261-0033

South Mountain                           715-261-0237

Stettin                                           715-261-0213

Horace Mann                               715-261-0727

John Muir                                     715-261-0145

East  High School                       715-261-0669

West High School                       715-261-0889

Please call your child's food service contact if you have questions regarding your child's account.

Catering Menu (Click on 'Catering Menu' to view)


Parent Account Management System      PayPams


A Great System for Parents!

On Paypams.com parents....  NEW for the 2013-2014 school year, parents can download a new PayPams smart phone application to view students lunch account. Visit the PayPams website for additional information at www.paypams.com


*Can pay for child's meals via internet or telephone from the convenience of home or office 24/7

*Can schedule automatic payments based on account balance

*Can monitor what their child eats online

*Can receive e-mail notification of meal account balance - low balance

*Can pay with credit card or electronic checks from one convenient location

     (Please note there is a service fee charged for online payments with Paypams.  This fee is not determined

     by the Wausau School District, rather the company providing this service option.  All other services provided

     by Paypams is currently free of charge.)

Nutrition Education

Obtain reliable and up-to-date nutrition/health information from the following websites:

American Heart Association

Kids Health


My Pyramid

Nutrition Explorations

American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Take 10

National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute

Body and Mind


Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program - Nutrition Education

Exercise Guide For Kids

Allergy Information

Food Allergy Research & Education

Food Allergy Research & Education is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing about a clearer understanding of the issues surrounding food allergies and providing helpful resources.

If your child has special dietary needs, please contact the school your child attends.  They will notify the school nurse.  We will work together to assist you with your child's special needs.

Gluten Free Lunch Menu

Contact Information

Roxanne Sladek, DTR, SNS, Food Service Director

Email: rsladek@wausauschools.org

Jeff Urbans, Food Service Supervisor

Email: jurbans@wausauschools.org

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          WAUSAU, WI 54401
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General Information: wausau.k12.wi.us
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Webmaster:               rsladek@wausauschools.org  

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