Drawing Foundations

Design Foundations





Studio Art

IB Art

Comic Art

Drawing 2 & 3

Architecture Drawing

Adaptive Art


Painting 1

1Project: Tempera Paint by Number Still Life

Practice Work: Thumbnail Sketches

Handouts: Parts of Light (Pepper Painting)


  Thumbnail Sketching

Demos & Techniques: Palette Setup, Mixing Tints & Shades, Seeing in Shapes & Values

2Project: Watercolor Series of 3

Practice Work: Color Value Bars (Rubric)

Handouts: Watercolor Series Project

  All About Paper

  Shadows Without Black

Demos & Techniques: Gradated Washes, Ink & Marker, Masking Agents, Experimental, Basic Color Schemes

3Project: Acrylic Zoom

Practice Work: Complimentary Sphere & Cube or Leaves 1 2

Practice Work Rubric

Slideshows: Color Schemes & Temperature

What is Abstract art?

4Project: Oil Landscape (Sample 2)

Practice Work: Complimentary Tint & Shade Value Bars or Charcoal Value Study

Practice Work Rubric

Handouts: Vocabulary List, Brushes Types, Landscape Composition, Atmosperic Perspective

Slideshows: Monet & Impressionism

Demos & Techniques: Priming Surfaces, Palette Knife Painting

5Project: Oil Re-Creation

Degas Dancers, Student work in-progress

Practice Work: Folded Fabric Study Using a Color Scheme (Rubric)

Handouts: Styles & Movements, Easels

Slideshows: Styles & Movements

Demos & Techniques: Stretching Canvas

Painting 1 Final Exam

Review List

Review Questions

Painting 2

1Project: Style Series (Sample #2, #3, 4)

Handouts: Styles Series Description

  Major Painters & Styles

  Creating Dramatic Darks

  Shadows Without Black

Slideshows: Styles & Movements

Demos & Techniques: Building a Stretcher, Using an Easel, Computer Manipulated Photograph

2Project: Acrylic Fingerpainting

Student Sample #2 (on plexi-glass)

Artists: Henri Matisse

Slideshows: Cut Paper Painting

Demos & Techniques: Reverse Plexi-Glass Fingerpainting, Cut Paper Painting

3Project: Historical Portrait Sample #2

Handouts: Portrait Proportions (2)

  Portrait Feautres

Slideshows: Portraits

Demos & Techniques: Review Portrait Proportions & Strategies, Flesh Color Recipes

4Project: Student Choice

Handouts: Creative Thinking Strategies

Idea Box


Demos & Techniques: Oil Painting w/ Oil Pastels, 3D Pop-up Painting

Painting 2 Final Exam

Exam Instructions

Painting 3

1Project: Recycled Painting

(Sample #2 Original & Recycled)

Handouts: SCAMPER


Demos & Techniques: Toning a Canvas, Oil Pastels and Color Pencils Over Photocopies

2Project: Student Choice

Handouts: Themes In Painting

  The Creative Process

Slideshows: Copyrights (What's really mine?), Trompe L'oeil Painting

Demos & Techniques: 1/2 Light - 1/2 Shadow, & Using Mediums, Painting w/ Ink

3Project: Self-Portrait

Handouts: Portrait Proportions (2)

  Portrait Feautres

Slideshows: Self-Portraits

Demos & Techniques: Portrait Proportions, Photo-Transfer Collage, Painting On Magazine Images, Unique Ground Painting

4Project: Student Choice



Demos & Techniques: Monoprint Prints & Painting

Painting 3 Final Exam

Exam Instructions

Writing an Artist's Statement

Painting 1, 2, & 3

Research Notebook
All students are required to keep a notebook that should be brought to class daily. You will be expected to complete the following for each project:
1. artist research (print 6 images from one or more artists, document info about artist/artists, style, copyright info., explain your selections).
idea development (sketches & plans for each project, collecting resource images).
written entries for each project (one before entry, one during entry, and the after self-evaluation; document and explain your ideas, process, progress, and final product).

Notebooks should also be used to record class demonstrations, presentations, and critiques.
Glue or tape all handouts & assessment forms into your notebook.
What you're doing is important, so write it down and sketch it out!

METACOGNITION = Think about your thinking.

Notebooks will be collected upon completion of each project or on critique dates.

Research Notebook

Using A Research Notebook

Research Notebook Rubric


Art 21 Video Prompts for Discussion (Paint 2 & 3)

Articles & Resources

Reseach Notebook

Step-By-Step Massing & Underpainting 1 2 3 4 5

"Hanging In There" (Step-By-Step Painting Folded Fabric 1 2) - Artist's Magazine Jan/Feb 2008

"A Cultivated Order" - Artist's Magazine July/August 2008

"Gorgeous Grays" - Artist's Magazine July/August 2008

"Artistic Lisence" (Painting from Photos) - Artist's Magazine July/August 2006

"Where's the Point" (Focal Points) - Artist's Magazine March 2004

"Silver & Gold" (Painting Metal Surfaces) - Artist's Magazine November 2003

"Elizabeth Black" (Thumbnail Sketching) - Watercolor Spring 1999

Web Links

art21: http://www.pbs.org/art21/

Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery: http://www.npg.si.edu/

Leigh Yawkey Woodson: http://www.lywam.org/

Sidewalk Chalk Artist - Julian Beever

Hand Paintings by Guido Daniele, Liu Bolin

1 Minute Spray Painting

Poured Painting Video

Trompe l'Oeil Artist - Eric Conklin: http://ericconklin.com/index_flash.html

Color in Motion: http://www.mariaclaudiacortes.com/colors/Colors.html

Color Matters: http://www.colormatters.com/

Special Projects & Exhibit Opportunities

Downtown Grocery Exhibitour Spring 2012

The Painting 2/3 class was invited to create images of the Downtown Grocery interior space, produce, and product. Students visited the store and took many reference photos. They selected the best compositions to create this collection of original paintings. Artist statements were displayed beneath. Images: (2, 3, 4)

Window Paintings Fall 2012

Downtown Grocery

607 N. 3rd Street

Wausau, WI 54403

(715) 848-9800

Memory Project: http://www.thememoryproject.org/

This organization enlists student artists to paint portraits of orphaned children from around the world. These portraits are then given to adopting families as a gift with their child.

Over the past several years students have painted portraits for children from Guatemala, Haiti, Thailand, Mexico, & Ghana.


 Student Painting





Zion Project 2013-14

Zion Lutheran Church, 709 6th Street in Wausau, was seeking high school art students to create a series of paintings based on the Stations of the Cross. The paintings will be unveiled during 2014 Easter services and remain on display in the church afterward. Eight advanced painting students volunteered to accept this commission and worked closely together to develop proposal sketches, construct stetcher frames, and completed the 2' X 4' oil paintings. View the entire project on our blog: http://www.eastpainters.blogspot.com/

Biggby Coffee's "Refrigerator Art" Program

Local coffee house hosts annual student painting exhibit. Students select top 10 paintings by vote for the exhibit. Paintings are hung at Biggby Coffee for two weeks. Biggby customers vote on their favorite painting on display in the shop. The Art teacher serves coffee behind the counter and a percentage of procedes are donated to East Art Department. Students win a giftcard.

Biggby Coffee

320 East Bridge St.

Wausau, WI 54403

(715) 848-2442