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Our Wetland Study Area Project has made remarkable progress over the past few years. In our first year we cleared the land, dredged the pond, landscaped around the pond, and installed a security fence in front of the pond. In our second year, we added an observation deck, landscaped around our sign, and continued to work with local experts to enhance the plant life in and around the wetland.

In the closing months of the 2001school year, fifth grade students landscaped and planted flowers around our Wetland Study Area sign. Future fifth grade classes will continue to plant flowers each spring to welcome visitors to our wetland.

In the fall of 2002, students worked with the Central Wisconsin Wild Ones Organization to learn about several of Wisconsin's native plant species. Students also planted some of the native plants in and around the wetland in hopes that the plants will thrive and multiply within the wetland.

Our Wetland Study Area could not have been realized without the support of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Wausau. The Kiwanis Club supplied us not only with financial support, but also "man" and "woman" power during our land clearing and observation deck construction. The Kiwanis Club will continue to offer us support with our project as it grows. Additional thanks goes out to Riverview Construction. They supplied machinery and manpower in the dredging and landscaping of the pond. Finally, through the many efforts of John and Deb Pingel, our project will continue to be a valuable learning "lab" for students in the years to come.

The spring of 2003 included fifth graders from Hewitt-Texas teaming up with South Mountain fifth graders for an Environmental study of both school's aquatic environments for the second consecutive year. To further explore this collaboration click here. It is the hope that a continued partnership can be developed so that the Hewitt-Texas Wetland can benefit students throughout the Wausau School District.

An addition to our Wetland Study Area has been the creation of the Wes Little Nature Trail. For a link to it, click here.

Things got under way on a Saturday in February 2000.  Members of the Kiwanis Club along with Hewitt-Texas families and staff members cleared an area about one acre in size.


A bed of rocks had to be added to the back side of the pond.  This spillway slows the flow of water out of the pond as the water level rises during rainy periods.


The observation deck was completed in the fall of 2001. Again, many thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Greater Wausau for the financial support and "manpower" to make the observation deck a reality.


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